hey there

i just started learning informatics and im currently learning pascal and im liking it a lot, its my first time with programming too, only problem i have is we dont have any computer in the classroom to try the code and unfortunately i dont have a laptop or netbook :( what i do have though is a nintendo DS :D and i was wondering if, since it runs linux on text mode maybe there was a way to make it able to run the freepascal ide, maybe there is some other way i cant think of

it would be awesome, would probably be a pain in the ass to program with the screen keyboard but its better than nothing, also i was thinking if the lil ds could handle some kind of external keybard trough mini usb or something

i know its probably not possible at all but the thought was amusing and maybe you guys could think of a way since i cant cuz of my n00bness. the thought of someone with a mini keyboard staring at a lil ds like if it was a laptop kinda makes me giggle a bit

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