I am using a keylistener and I need to know when the backspace and delete keys are used. Does anyone know how this is done? I have not found anything online.

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Try this in your key listener methods. I tested it with keyTyped method

public void keyTyped(KeyEvent ke)
		case '\u0008':

		case '\u007F':


That's the right approach, but you should not use hex constants as in Niuranga's code. The JavaDoc for KeyEvent has the following warning:

WARNING: Aside from those keys that are defined by the Java language (VK_ENTER, VK_BACK_SPACE, and VK_TAB), do not rely on the values of the VK_ constants. Sun reserves the right to change these values as needed to accomodate a wider range of keyboards in the future.

KeyEvent includes public constants for all the virtual keys, eg VK_BACK_SPACE, VK_DELETE , etc and these are what you should use.

Hi JamesCherrill,

I almost forgot about those constants. Thanks a lot for the guidance.


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