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You may search the Google for keylogger virus, and key listener...

They are somewhat similar in functionality (capture user's key stroke), but they have different purposes in use.

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Keylogger is a software which will captures all your keystrokes and activity you do on the computer. Whereas KeyListener is a interface in java which you should implement in your java code if you want to capture key strokes.

Making keylogger in java is NOT possible.


There is no "Keylogger" interface in Java. So the thread title does not make sense.

Anyway, to add to what harinath said, You cannot make a keylogger using java. It lacks the low level operating hooks needed to do it.



I am confused between the differences between a key logger and key listener in Java....i looked online but I couldn't find a straight-up answer.

Thanks in advance!

If I am not mistaken, a key logger is a program you have to create that uses the key listener as a tool to "Listen" for when keys are pressed. Maybe there is a key logger command I don't know of though... Does this help at all? This may be helpful: http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/awt/event/KeyListener.html

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