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You want to install for compiler MinGW and Code::Blocks are the best IDE. Dev C++ is old. Also you can try Microsoft Visual C++ Express (it is free) or whole Visual Studio ($$$$) but I personally like Code::Blocks much better and you can compile most Windows programs in there.


try (dev c++) its free and open source

Too old and uses obsolete version of MinGW. Use Code::Blocks instead, and its supported on both *nix and MS-Windows.


Before they stopped development it seems it was a very good and free IDE. Just because it's no longer under development, memory of it has not been erased. It's the same 'problem' we see in universities that refuse to leave Turbo C++ 3 & 4 in the past.

And it still works.

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Code::Blocks is a good IDE. it's free, works on all Operating Sytems, much simpler than Microsoft's alternative (where I still can't understand why they made the 'build' and 'run' options so difficult to find) and you can make single files instead of having an entire project for every single instance of inrelated code.

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good to know


^^THat should get you to the download site for C::B. don't use Dev C++ as I'm required to use it for my class. it sucks, and so I use Code::Blocks behind my instructor's back, since she's unwilling to use anything else.

I highly reccommend this IDE to anyone who wants to program in C++

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providing a link, why didnt i think of that??
good :)
+1 for fighting the power and using C::B
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