After reading a reply to a post regarding importing modules, help("modules") was suggested as a means to display what is currently available. I tried it and got errors after only performing a basic install of Python 2.7 and Python for Windows. Can these be repaired [see attached]

Works fine for me ...

Python 2.7.1 (r271:86832, Nov 27 2010, 18:30:46) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on win32
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> >>> import sys, os, wx
>>> help("modules")

Please wait a moment while I gather a list of all available modules...

ArgImagePlugin      _imagingcms         htmllib             socket
BaseHTTPServer      _imagingft          httplib             sprite
Bastion             _imagingmath        idlelib             sqlite3
BdfFontFile         _imagingtk          ihooks              sre
BmpImagePlugin      _io                 image               sre_compile
BufrStubImagePlugin _json               imageext            sre_constants
CGIHTTPServer       _locale             imageop             sre_parse
Canvas              _lsprof             imaplib             ssl
ConfigParser        _md5                imghdr              sspi
ContainerIO         _msi                imp                 sspicon
Cookie              _multibytecodec     importlib           sstruct
CurImagePlugin      _multiprocessing    imputil             stat
DcxImagePlugin      _numericsndarray    inspect             statvfs
Dialog              _numericsurfarray   io                  string
DocXMLRPCServer     _numpysndarray      isapi               stringold
EpsImagePlugin      _numpysurfarray     itertools           stringprep
ExifTags            _pyio               joystick            strop
FileDialog          _random             json                struct
FitsStubImagePlugin _sha                key                 subprocess
FixTk               _sha256             keyword             sunau
FliImagePlugin      _sha512             lib2to3             sunaudio
FontFile            _socket             linecache           surface
FpxImagePlugin      _sqlite3            locale              surfarray
GbrImagePlugin      _sre                locals              surflock
GdImageFile         _ssl                logging             symbol
GifImagePlugin      _strptime           mac_scrap           symtable
GimpGradientFile    _struct             macosx              sys
GimpPaletteFile     _subprocess         macpath             sysconfig
GribStubImagePlugin _symtable           macurl2path         sysfont
HTMLParser          _testcapi           mailbox             tabnanny
Hdf5StubImagePlugin _threading_local    mailcap             tarfile
IcnsImagePlugin     _tkinter            markupbase          telnetlib
IcoImagePlugin      _vlcbackend         marshal             tempfile
ImImagePlugin       _warnings           mask                test
Image               _weakref            math                tests
ImageChops          _weakrefset         matplotlib          textwrap
ImageCms            _win32sysloader     md5                 this
ImageColor          _winreg             mhlib               thread
ImageDraw           _winxptheme         midi                threading
ImageDraw2          abc                 mimetools           threads
ImageEnhance        adodbapi            mimetypes           time
ImageFile           afxres              mimify              timeit
ImageFileIO         aifc                mixer               timer
ImageFilter         antigravity         mixer_music         tkColorChooser
ImageFont           anydbm              mmap                tkCommonDialog
ImageGL             argparse            mmapfile            tkFileDialog
ImageGrab           array               mmsystem            tkFont
ImageMath           ast                 modulefinder        tkMessageBox
ImageMode           asynchat            mouse               tkSimpleDialog
ImageOps            asyncore            movie               tkSnack
ImagePalette        atexit              mpl_toolkits        toaiff
ImagePath           audiodev            msilib              token
ImageQt             audioop             msvcrt              tokenize
ImageSequence       base                multifile           trace
ImageShow           base64              multiprocessing     traceback
ImageStat           bdb                 mutex               transform
ImageTk             binascii            netbios             ttfquery
ImageTransform      binhex              netrc               ttk
ImageWin            bisect              new                 tty
ImtImagePlugin      bsddb               nmovie              turtle
IptcImagePlugin     bufferproxy         nntplib             types
JpegImagePlugin     bz2                 nt                  unicodedata
McIdasImagePlugin   cPickle             ntpath              unittest
MicImagePlugin      cProfile            ntsecuritycon       urllib
MimeWriter          cStringIO           nturl2path          urllib2
MpegImagePlugin     calendar            numbers             urlparse
MspImagePlugin      camera              numpy               user
OleFileIO           cdrom               odbc                uu
PIL                 cgi                 opcode              uuid
PSDraw              cgitb               operator            version
PaletteFile         chempy              optparse            vidcap
PalmImagePlugin     chunk               os                  vidle
PcdImagePlugin      cmath               os2emxpath          vis
PcfFontFile         cmd                 overlay             visual
PcxImagePlugin      code                parser              warnings
PdfImagePlugin      codecs              pdb                 wave
PixarImagePlugin    codeop              perfmon             weakref
Pmw                 collections         pickle              web
PngImagePlugin      color               pickletools         webbrowser
Polygon             colordict           pipes               whichdb
PpmImagePlugin      colorsys            pixelarray          win2kras
PsdImagePlugin      commands            pkgdata             win32api
PyQt4               commctrl            pkgutil             win32clipboard
PySide              compat              platform            win32com
Queue               compileall          plistlib            win32con
Scientific          compiler            pmg_tk              win32console
Scientific_affinitypropagation constants           pmg_wx              win32cred
Scientific_interpolation contextlib          popen2              win32crypt
Scientific_netcdf   cookielib           poplib              win32cryptcon
Scientific_numerics_package_id copy                posixfile           win32event
Scientific_vector   copy_reg            posixpath           win32evtlog
ScrolledText        csv                 pprint              win32evtlogutil
SgiImagePlugin      ctypes              profile             win32file
SimpleDialog        curses              pstats              win32gui
SimpleHTTPServer    cursors             pty                 win32gui_struct
SimpleXMLRPCServer  datetime            py_compile          win32help
SocketServer        dateutil            pyclbr              win32inet
SpiderImagePlugin   dbhash              pydoc               win32inetcon
StringIO            dbi                 pydoc_data          win32job
SunImagePlugin      dde                 pyexpat             win32lz
TarIO               decimal             pygame              win32net
TgaImagePlugin      difflib             pyglet              win32netcon
TiffImagePlugin     dircache            pylab               win32pdh
TiffTags            dis                 pymedia             win32pdhquery
Tix                 display             pymol               win32pdhutil
Tkconstants         distutils           pypm                win32pipe
Tkdnd               docs                pysideuic           win32print
Tkinter             doctest             pythoncom           win32process
UserDict            draw                pytz                win32profile
UserList            dumbdbm             pywin               win32ras
UserString          dummy_thread        pywin32_testutil    win32rcparser
WalImageFile        dummy_threading     pywintypes          win32security
WmfImagePlugin      email               quopri              win32service
XVThumbImagePlugin  encodings           random              win32serviceutil
XbmImagePlugin      errno               rasutil             win32timezone
XpmImagePlugin      event               re                  win32trace
_LWPCookieJar       examples            rect                win32traceutil
_MozillaCookieJar   exceptions          regcheck            win32transaction
__builtin__         fastevent           regutil             win32ts
__future__          filecmp             repr                win32ui
_abcoll             fileinput           rexec               win32uiole
_arraysurfarray     fnmatch             rfc822              win32verstamp
_ast                font                rlcompleter         win32wnet
_bisect             fontTools           robotparser         winerror
_bsddb              formatter           runpy               winioctlcon
_camera             fpformat            rwobject            winnt
_camera_opencv_highgui fractions           sched               winperf
_camera_vidcapture  freemol             scipy               winsound
_codecs             freetype            scrap               winxpgui
_codecs_cn          ftplib              select              winxptheme
_codecs_hk          functools           servicemanager      wsgiref
_codecs_iso2022     future_builtins     sets                wx
_codecs_jp          gc                  sgmllib             wxPython
_codecs_kr          genericpath         sha                 wxversion
_codecs_tw          getopt              shelve              xdrlib
_collections        getpass             shlex               xml
_csv                gettext             shutil              xmlWriter
_ctypes             gfxdraw             signal              xmllib
_ctypes_test        glob                sip                 xmlrpclib
_dummybackend       gp2x                sipconfig           xxsubtype
_elementtree        gzip                sipdistutils        zipfile
_functools          hashlib             site                zipimport
_hashlib            heapq               smtpd               zlib
_heapq              hmac                smtplib             
_hotshot            hotshot             sndarray            
_imaging            htmlentitydefs      sndhdr              
Enter any module name to get more help.  Or, type "modules spam" to search
for modules whose descriptions contain the word "spam".

even with the import sys, os, wx I still get the same error - I misspoke in the intial post - maybe ActivePython is the issue?????

I did as you suggested. Attached screenshot shows I have the same version as you posted - but the same error.

I once again removed python, did a registry clean and defrag, re-installed and the modules were listed without error. Curious, it removed my PostGRE ODBC drivers which were installed for a windows app I wrote. On a Win7 machine with ActivePython installed the modules also appeared w/out error. Being new to Python and with sooooo many libs, modules, eggs available I obviously messed up somewhere to get the error I received. Caveat Emptor. Not really solved, but I'll wait a day or so for any addtional comments then mark it so.

look like it get and error on try to import numpy.
Try. help('numpy') .

Try this.

except Exception, e:
    print e


except ImportError:

To get it to continue after ImportError.

Place for numpy C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\numpy So you have to delete this folder is reinstall.
Remeber if you reinstall python,can 3 party modules like numpy not be removed.
You have to do it manually.