I'm building a clustering algorithm and need to visualize how data is distributed and relationed.
For this, I'm thinking in histograms (numerical and categorical data) and scatter plots. If possible, a 3D like plot like http://www.opendx.org/inaction/datamining/images/original/mci3.jpg would be nice, but is not required.
I'd like to be able to generate the plots from my code (My experience in C++ is limited).

Is there a simple package to achieve this that you can recommend?
My searches returned:
- boost graphics library
- opendx
- gnuplot
But none of them seemed like the best candidate.
What suggestions do you have?

I'm coding in Linux 64bits, with gcc (g++).

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I'd suggest you not try and do the visualization from within your code unless that is the focus of your efforts (which it seems is not the case). Since there are plenty of software that exist for this purpose already (gnuplot, R, matlab, etc.) I believe it would be better if you formatted the data within your program and passed that data along to something better suited to do the visualization.

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