I am writing a simple script, basicly i have:

String s = "A quick fox jumps over a lazy dog";

Now i want to print it like this: (like 3 words per line) ::

A quick fox
jumps over a
lazy dog

Know i know i can move the string aka the line to a array and then looping
over it whit a "for" or "while".

But is there any way i can avoid using a array maybe do it whit just
one for or while loop.

Thanks in advance,

yes there is. you can use StringTokenizer class, tokenize your string using an empty space as a token (' ' - this would be your token), and then in a while/for loop, you'd print out a new line every third iteration or so. perhaps there are other ways, but this would work as well... no arrays used. I assume, under the hood, an array is used, but you wouldn't have to go through it...

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