hi guys:) Does anybody know how to change the full path of a database imported in c#? Cause i imported a database (MS Access) in c# with a path of "Server/Server/bin/debug/products.mdb" but what appears on the program properties is "C:/Me/FrontEnd/BackEnd/products.mdb", a different source. How could i change that? i tried deleting it and importing it again from the source i want but it's still the same.I also tried deleting the products.mdb saved on the "..FrontEnd/Backend/.." folder but still the output of the full path is still the same.

You have to specify the full path in the connection string, like on this example:

Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\MyFolder\MyDatabase.mdb;User Id=admin;Password=;

C:\MyFolder\MyDatabase.mdb - is the full path. And if you have it stated this way in the connection string, the code will always go there, no where else.