Can anyone help me with path variables.
My problem is a referenced a dll file as part of my project, and in the reference properties it has "C:\users\susan\desktop\project1\xfind.dll" as its path

I tried removing it, and adding its reference to the windows system dir but it just goes back to where it was.

I installed this file in the systemdir with my packaging app because thats where I want it to be finally, accept it dosent look there for it.

Is there a way to have a variable like %systemdir% as the path.

I'm a bit stuck here, any advice appreciated.

Maybe those ramblings dont make sense, I'll try to explain a little better with my updates

The actuall dll file was in the list of my files with all classes, I dont know how that happened, I removed it from project, and noticed that in the properties of the reference, the path changed from my project folder to the windows system dir.

I removed the actual dll file from my project dir too, to make sure it was using the file in sysdir, and all works fine when running from VS IDE in release mode

When I package my release though, it crashed on a file not found exception, and only works if the dll is in the application root folder, but I dont want it there.

I'll still trying but I fear I've made a mistake somewhere.

One last attempt for help.

I have reference to external library, but my app will not function unless the library in in the application root folder.

I want the external library to be elsewhere. How can I accmplish this?