Hello World ! How to load a Bitmap image or any other format in openGL ? I am so much confused where I need to begin my innings ? confused while studying lot of theories and concepts...plz can anyone tell me the steps from starting altough i have read some articles.....OpenGL sucks !!!!!!!!!!!

I have genuine interest in Game development ..New API's and languages sucks ma mind..altough I have logics regarding game development what i need before creating a game project...Struggling to get into the game development companies....r u suffering from the same problem....Plz kincly check my above problem....

Look into devIL. Generally, for these things you would want to use an external library.

Is it a good idea to use deviL library?? I want to ask something...whether the game development companies use such kind of libraries..means If I use this library, is it a good impact on them that I am using deviL library for loading a image ..???

Yes, I would assume gamedev uses external trusted libraries that has debugged code written and tested already instead of rolling their own. You could try to make one for your learning purposes, the easiest one being .bmp, but its up to you.