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Forgive me If I am posting this on a wrong Section. I am developing an application in Android. In that I need to compare a Audio file with the Audio input(Singing Voice input) and tell that whether that is same song or not. So I dont know which parameter of the audio I need to compare like frequency, Amplitude, or others. Please suggest me a way to start this.
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well, there are ways to see the bit/byte representation of an audio files. in linux, you type "od filename" (od standing for octal dump), and what you get is a hexadecimal representation of an audio file. there are different options you can pass to od to give you various results... I suspect you're willing to go too deep with this and see how to make use of it, but I thought I give you some idea. besides, I suppose that the byte representation of a song I sing (without the beat accompanying my singing) and the byte representation of an actual song would be different... anyways. I think this is an algorithm that YouTube does use to detect 'copy right' violations. hope this is of any help to you.

Take a look at how UltraStar and/or Perfomous (both are open source) do the scoring. Looks like almost what you are looking for.

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Thank you so much for all your replies. It boosted up me. I am going to implement all of your ideas. I will get back soon......

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I am working on the windows system. So dont know how to use "od" command. I have gone through the UltraStar source code. There is no explanation about its coding and the coding is in Pascal. I dont know pascal, So I am helpless. I need some Audio fingerprinting technique or else the "Query by singing" methods to compare the audio file with the singing input. Please give me ur suggestions......

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