Hello everybody i'am building a software to make lab management. So I need to save the data base. and i using SQLite. but I have problem the SQLite pramter is a const char. and the data from the software are CString. and becouse I using Unicode I can't convert them normally. I really need some function to convert from CString - Unicode. To char / const char, and other side.

Please. Tks biny.

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Which CString? Sadly, there's more than one library with a class called CString, and they all work slightly differently.

For Microsoft MFC CString to char*, see this post. Just use CString's GetBuffer() to get the pointer to the wchar_t*.

First of all tks lot. And I meen for MFC class. And for you ancient I need to know if the link you gave need the all local include are locate ther. Because ther is no link for it

Would you clarify your question because I don't know what you asked???

Scroll down to the section titled "Converting from wchar_t*". Pay attention to the functions that are used, especially wcstombs_s().

sure, soory.

this include!

#include "atlbase.h"
#include "atlstr.h"
#include "comutil.h"

tnk U!!!!!!! i done it its perfect.

i even make libray to make simple. for anyone stuck in this stuff, you can download it via the link below.

CString str = "hello";
char* strBuf = new char[20];
int i = 0;
for(int i = 0 ; i < str.GetLength(); i++)
strbuf = str;
strBuf = NULL;
/*this code is for unicode mfc vc++
and it works.

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