Please Help!!
I am designing a program in vb6 that is to be linked up to databases in both access and excel. The problem is when I try to link up the database's using the data control I get the following message: "Couldn't find the installable ISAM". I am kinda new to the vb world but I have been told that this is something to do with MDAC.
I have been able to connect to the access database by converting the file to an access 97 format and using the data control, but I still can't find anything to connect with excel.
Can anyone help?


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The EASYEST way to link to ANY data is by ADO using ODBC.
You can create the connection to excel like this:

Go to your control panel, in the administrative toold, look for the ODBC or Data Sources. Creaet an ODBC for your excel file, it's not that hard. Then using ADO or the ADO control, you can connect to it on VB. for instance.

Dim Conn as Connection

Set Conn = New Connection


that's it, you're connected. in the case of useing the ADO Data control, then you can use the ODBC NAME as well to connect to the file. Let me know how that does.

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