Here you can share assembly code snippets for the YASM assembler and you can also help people with their YASM assembly programming and share 32-bit apps. :) I also have a problem when I do this (It is supposed to generate a very simple hello in the cmd(DOS/ prompt):

MOV DX,text
INT 21h

MOV AL,0; Exit code 0
INT 21h

text: db "Hello!",24h; 24h = "$"

Thanks in advance!

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Is that the entire program? Or just a snippet from it?

That's the whole program which is quite simple because I'm just testing how it would work out, but, the only thing it could give me is some random hearts, paragraph characters and spades with lots of foreign characters, and finally, at the end, the "Hello!" came out. I'm using an Intel core 2 Duo proccessor, which I don't really know whether if it is a 32-bit processor or a 64-bit processor... I don't really understand this because it's just cramming the DOS with unwanted stuff...

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