Hey guys,

I'm tinkering around with the fuse-python bindings and I can't seem to grasp how to run the example xmp.py from the library package (xmp.py is located here: stuff.mit.edu/iap/2009/fuse/examples/xmp.py). Looking at a lecture slide from MIT (located here: stuff.mit.edu/iap/2009/fuse/fuse.ppt), on slide 33, it shows the command line invoking of xmp.py.

./xmp.py --o root=/mit/sipb/ /tmp/mntdir

(I do "python xmp.py" instead of "./xmp.py" since my linux doesn't understand "./" with python script for some reason)

From what I get out of it, the "root=/mit/sipb" arg is a directory of what you are emulating and "/tmp/mntdir" is where you mount your FUSE FS. So, I try...

python xmp.py --o root=/home/chris /tmp/fs

...and it doesnt want to run and it complains about the --o option. I remove the --o option and it runs (ps ax shows it running) but the folder /tmp/fs becomes corrupt and when I try accessing it I get "cannot access /tmp/fs: Input/output error".

How do I properly run xmp.py?


I'll be monitoring the thread so I should be able to answer your questions relatively fast.

also changing --o to -o corrupt the folder as well.