Hello everyone,

I am passionate about programming have started learning C++ and finished studying one book about it. I am done with the basics like pointers, arrays, variables, objects etc.

What I need now is some way to go on from here and learn how professional programs are made and how they are designed ( What classes to make, how to actually go about making a fully functional working program, etc. )

I just want someone to point out good resources to learn software development from.

I searched online and these are a few tips i got :
1. Try to read others code on sourceforge.
2. Read software design books.

I tried both but I havent been able to find good simple programs on sourceforge to learn from. I would be really grateful if someone could give me references to good programs or books or any way that I can advance from here.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hey thanks thines01. I checked them out, no references to books or any other sources :( . but got a few tips. Thanks

still looking for some books .

Sephen Prata: The C++ Primer, 5th edition will be a good choice for You! Along with the revision of already known things, You'll find there a lot of new things: templates, algorithms, work with files and other.

hey dsenic2000, thanks for your input. I will check it out. Does it have anything related to designing real programs apart from than C++ language itself ?

I have 3-4 books on C++ so I'm complete on the language itself, I need something that can help me make real programs. Most importantly, I want something like an outline or structure of a real world C++ application so I get an idea of how real programs are made.

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