please its time for me to specialize on dotnet. i want to buy dotnet training vidoes on c#, and, possibilly sql. where do i go to. i mean which is the best courseware for this. Help me please.

If you want to be good at .Net framework, start practicing. You don't get good by being told what to do. You get good by trying new things. Sit down and figure out what you want to build, and try.

join different programming forums check for new ideas also try to recode already available projects and try to understand and coding is not a big deal the actual deal is problem solving and building logic and algorithm as far as coding is concerned there is a lot of help available but you have to define algorithm on your own try to be analytical and for this you should try different brain teasers, puzzles and other every day problem and make algorithms for them and then code them for beginner help in c# follow these links .... 1.....2......3......4