I believe the Python thread is the most appropriate place to post a Django question :P

Hi there guys and girls! I am currently busy (and learning) Django. It really is a solid platform to work on compared to PHP.

Ok let me get to the point :P
I am creating a wiki in Django where users should be able to register, login, create pages and other users who also login should be able to see all created pages and then either create new pages or edit existing ones.

I have already created registration and login pages and I am fine with creating and editing content on pages. My question is - do any of you (who know Django) know how I can implement the create new pages into my site? I think it will be in a "form" form where you then specify the URL, title, and content of the new page, but how do you actually create the new pages then and be able to view all created pages to any user?

I am stuck at this wall and any help would be appreciated!