Hi again,
With silly question...
I read about generating random numbers
random(10); but it gives numbers from 0 to 10 and i need for example from 10 to 100.

I tried random([10..100]); but i can't compile this :/
Could somebody help me?

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10 + random(100-10+1)

random(10) gives values until 9.

  d: integer;
  d :=  RandomRange(10,100);

thanks tonyjv, your code worked :)

But another problem ocurred, i haven't thought that random will give me numbers like 11,12,13 etc haha
Im using 20,40,60 etc numbers so yeah tryin to solve this, can someone still help me?


I do not understand why you need random numbers. 12,13,14 - this sequence.

read my post i dont need these numbers i only need 20,40,60 etc numbers because my program runs on 20x20 rectangles :)

What is the difficulty. You have already prompted all that is required. Think beyond yourself. This is an elementary task.

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