hey guys i have just started to learn java programming language ...i was wondering if i will be able run big java programs from command prompt...what the the advantages and disadvantages of using command prompt for running java programs...is using IDE like eclipse better than using command prompt?...if so in what ways?


Ide make things very easier... Running application from command prompt not only harder to debug but also lot difficult for new user's... On performance factor there is no difference....

When you run from a command prompt, you'll have fewer IDE things going on to potentally confuse you and will see the output from the JVM without any editting by the IDE.

Also when you get past the development stage, and want to have the code be runnable from a command prompt or similar place, you will need to know what it takes to get your code running outside of the IDE.

Eclipse has an integrated debugger, console, package/file management, one button compilation, etc ... the awesomeness is really too great to list here. In a lot of ways, it is also an industry standard.

Don't waste your time with notepad and command prompt, you will hardly use either in a real world situation.

Eclipse and IDE's in general do not teach Java; they are just tools. I suggest looking at the following to help with learning Java:
Java API
Oracle's Java Tutorial

I use the API almost everyday.

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Personally, I don't use an IDE.
TextPad (or any other text editor), and the command prompt.
For deployment in a Windows environment, I use javaw and run a *.jar file.

I think that IDEs are great for an experienced programmer.
For beginners, they should get a good understanding of how the JVM and its OS environment work before moving on to an IDE.
Use a simple editor and the command prompt for the first few projects. Learn about classpath and packages and how to build a jar file all from the command prompt.

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