I am doing a perl project for school in which I am using CGI.pm. I am a complete perl novice.

With the following:

use CGI;
$query = new CGI;
print $query->startform({-action => "foo.cgi", -method => "post"});
print $query->p($query->textfield({-name => "bar"}));
print $query->submit({-name => "action", -value => "submit"});
print $query->endform();

My question is what is the syntax to add a hidden form field?


I have a second question as well. I would like to create a form field that is a drop down menu.

print $query->popup_menu({-name => "foo", -values => ["bar", "baz", "bat"]});

I have an array of possible values for the dropdown, @values . However, doing -values => $values doesn't seem to work, so how exactly can I do it? :) Is it @values or am I just completely way off base? Gah! :)

PS ... Yes, I know that I could just use a print statement to write out <input type="hidden" ... but I was wondering if there was some CGI.pm shortcut.

I'm sorry folks, I still can't get the hidden form field to work for some reason?

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