Hi everybody

I have one question. I´m quite new to HTML programming, but have been dabbling with it.
I have a website that has two dropdownlists (ASP.NET controls).
One ddl is filled on Page_Load with the months available. The other I have filled with every week of the corresponding month with JavaScript.

This has worked fine. I however get into trouble when continuing on. When I press my ASP.NET button and want to get the values in the dropdownbuttons I get the value for the one filled by ASP.NET but not the one filled by JavaScript. That one always reports 0 items, even though the items are shown on the webpage.

How can I get the HTML values of the dropdown server side?

with regards
Arnar Gudnason

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Sorry, didn´t see the forrest for the trees. The easiest way was of course to simply place the value of the HTML dropdown in a hidden textbox and then take that value (in the sever :D)



HTML is not ASP.NET. To get the values of HTML elements server-side, post them in a form and iterate through the Request object; or don't use an HTML element in the first place, use an ASP.NET server control instead.

You don't need to place them in a hidden element, as the Request object contains all the posted form values.

If you have additional ASP.NET questions, it's best to ask them in the ASP.NET forum.

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