Hi everyone ...

I've a problem with fill color. I just want to fill a part of it. For ex.: if we have a face with eyes and red mouth, i wanna to color each part of the face when the user click down the mouse.

Thanks for your advice....

Is the face you are talking about a picture(photo) or a drawing?

Yeah, I think it's drawing .... I draw to bitmap where it's on PictureBox xD xD .....

I'm still not getting what you want to do. Could you please rephrase your question?

OK, no problem xD xD .... I've made program where I can draw rectangle, ellipse, pencil by mouse.....same like in windows painting .... And I draw for exapmle mouth by pencil .... and now I want to fill this mouth by red color :) .... Do you undesratnd now ? xD xD ...I don't know how to explain it :( ....

you can use like this code and set color where u want to fill

MapPointColor fillColor = new ElementColor();

give class name and its where u can fill color.for more info then visit there.


if (DrawShape == 3)
                g.DrawImage(StoredImage, 0, 0);
                g.DrawArc(Pens.Indigo, pictureBox1.Size, e.Location.X - MousePosition.X,e.Location.Y - MousePosition.Y);

Wow....thanks so much but this is not working .... I've tried this code but just like I said, it's not working..... Where shall I paste this code? I've pasted this code to the picturebox_Down .... :( ..... So, thank you once again ... :)