Hi everyone ...

I've a problem with fill color. I just want to fill a part of it. For ex.: if we have a face with eyes and red mouth, i wanna to color each part of the face when the user click down the mouse.

Thanks for your advice....

Yeah, I think it's drawing .... I draw to bitmap where it's on PictureBox xD xD .....

OK, no problem xD xD .... I've made program where I can draw rectangle, ellipse, pencil by mouse.....same like in windows painting .... And I draw for exapmle mouth by pencil .... and now I want to fill this mouth by red color :) .... Do you undesratnd now ? xD xD ...I don't know how to explain it :( ....

if (DrawShape == 3)
                g.DrawImage(StoredImage, 0, 0);
                g.DrawArc(Pens.Indigo, pictureBox1.Size, e.Location.X - MousePosition.X,e.Location.Y - MousePosition.Y);

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Wow....thanks so much but this is not working .... I've tried this code but just like I said, it's not working..... Where shall I paste this code? I've pasted this code to the picturebox_Down .... :( ..... So, thank you once again ... :)

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