At some point I would like to create an operating system.

I am quite familiar with C, and I know some basic assembly.

Can anyone give me ideas of applications to create to learn more about OS Design.

I would buy a book, but I don't have an extraordinary amount of money. I currently have the assembly book "Assembly Language Step-by-Step, Second Edition", by Jeff Duntemann.

I know that at the stage of coding I am at now I cannot produce an OS.

One last thing - I have been to the OSDev Forums and Wiki. It has taught me a lot.

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In short try implementing some OS kernel services.

- I would recommend you take a look at anything that describes the kernel functions/algorithms.
---- A starting point.
---- Another one: Just implement a part of POSIX's specification. :)
- You can always get more info on how say RHEL implements a particular aspect. I seriously believe that in this world of WWW you should get every piece of info for free.
- You can download some example implementations from any free POSIX OS to for help if you need.

Personally I recommend that you read up a bit on the basic algorithms and data structs used in the OS impl before you jump into actually writing them.


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Check out the sourceforge web site ... There you will see many operating systems in various partial stages of development ... Might make more sense / provide more learning to work on a partial os rather than start some thing totally new

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