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Hello I need help and fast, time is running me out.

StudentMark class
A StudentMark object hasd three attributes:moduleNo(a string),studentName(a string) and mark an (int). There is a constructor which registers a student (studentName) with a module number (moduleNo) at the time of construction. There are methods that enable new marks to be entered and retrieved. All the methods of this class are listed below:


A constructor. It accepts two strings and assigns them to the moduleNo and studentName respectively. It also sets the mark of the student to 0.

Two string objects

There are other methods but I thing I can do them.

Please help, I dont no wat a constructer is and my teacher she really sux. What is a method? Is it like a function or sumthing. And is my studentMark class the name of my program or an actual class like in c/c++.

God bless. :cry:

Here is wat i have so far.

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Do your own homework kid.

If you don't know what a constructor is, read some tutorials or maybe it's time to open those course instructions for a change and maybe pay attention in class instead of browsing nekkid women on the web.

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I wish there was someone who would help me instead of mocking me...

Those kind of remarks are just childish jwenting.

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Can sum1 give me sum sudo code for the constructor part.

I think i have 2 use objects as well which is really confusing me. I don't like this, student.moduleno sintax.

BTW is a method the same as a function like in C?

God bless

If you'd tried noone's mock you, but as it is you're just a whining little kid asking to get his homework done for him.
That's not just stupid, it's against the rules for this forum.

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Ok let me read up on this, then i'll post wat i got.

The only thing is i really confused. It's the jargon which confuses me because in java, a class can be an actual program, and a method is like a function in C i think.

It's hard for me to switch from one language to another.

In Java everything (except primitives) is a class.
A Java program is a collection of classes, one of which has a main method (or rather an entry point for a JVM, which is usually a main method).
Of course for many small programs (especially the kind you're likely writing as a student) there will be only one class.

Each class will have a constructor (even if you don't write one, in which case one will be provided by the compiler), which replaces the typical method provided with many C structs to initialise them.

You're really going to have to get to grips with OO principles. It's a rough road but a worthwhile one.

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