I'm a C++ newbie with the following problem (I've used the search function but haven't come up with what I'm looking for. I'm not asking anyone to write this project for me, but a lot of good pointing/ideas is going to help me a lot):

I currently have a MySQL database that works as follows:


I search this using PHP and I am able to search on ANY or NONE of the above fields using partial searches. In other words you can get as specific or general as you want. IE: If you input "That Guy" in the Author box on the php form it will look in the Author field of the DB and return everything with That Guy in the author section. If you input "a" in the author box and "it was the best of times" in the MemorableQuote section of the php form it will search for both, returning only results where both are present. All results display the entirety of the selected row matching the query. The search is *not* case sensative, and I like it just fine that way.

The database contains about 1500 rows, with all fields containing data, some fields being quite large (paragraphs). The search functionality is of paramoutn importance as it is the entire point of the project.

At present I'm accomplishing this quite well with a WIMP project (MySQL DB accessed through PHP via IIS on Windows). Obvisouly, this requires installing MySQL, PHP, and enabling IIS, and is clumsy as it's only to be accessed at the local computer. I'd like to be able to get the same functionality without installing all of this, ideally through a compiled program. In the future you will need to be able to "Check out" and "Edit" data from the database.

Your suggestions are appreciated. If clearification is needed please let me know.

I figured something out. SQLite and a C++. Thanks.

Convert your PHP code into C++ code. Compile the program. No need for anything but the database and C++ program then.