Hi All,
i have basic python knowledge please let me know how to get started with jython please let me know where can i find good online books for jython, how to write some small programs and how to run them

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Jython has potential, but there are precious few example codes out there. Well, see:

A lot of my Python26 code runs on Jython just fine. Not the Tkinter code, since Jython uses the Java GUI toolkit instead.

Here is an example

""" jy_input_output1.py

a Jython example for getting input and output on a console
using the swing.JOptionPane for input and message

tested with jython2.5.2  by  vegaseat

import java.util.Random
import javax.swing.JOptionPane as jop

print('Die Roller')
print('- - - - - -\n')
    s = 'How many sides should the die have?'
    sides = int(jop.showInputDialog(None, s))
    s = 'How many times should we roll the die?'
    rolls = int(jop.showInputDialog(None, s))
    rand = java.util.Random()
    for current in range(rolls):
        print('Roll %d --> %d' % ((current+1), rand.nextInt(sides)+1))
   jop.showMessageDialog(None, 'Integer Entry Error!')

I have my Editra IDE configured to run Jython code. Another general IDE that works well is ConText.

The Netbeans IDE might work, but I haven't figured it out yet. If anyone does, let me know right here!

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