i want to search for a specific shape in an image; the shape is an arrow and its stored in the database.
the images taken from a moving camera.

any comment may be helpful

im not sure but i think your going to have to make an algorithm to find the pattern in the image looking at the pixels.

if you know what the image looks like exactly, look for a single chuck at a time and if that chunk is found see if the rest matches

this is just an idea but if the arrow is a solid color. search for a solid line, then once it finds one look for the other 2 lines which form the point

my idea is; after taking the image from the camera, i make edge detection filtering to view the edges then divide it into parts "arrays" and start to compare each part to the arrow,is that right?
note: the environment the camera capture in, may have many shapes and colors but not an arrow.

we have detected the horizental lines in the image but how can we detect the whole arrow?or any other shapes such as circules or rectangles.

from here i think to divide the image into parts and compare each one with the shape.
is that right.

try starting at both ends of the line and try to find 2 lines going off the tip at roughly 45 degrees. then find the end of each 45 degree line and see if they are about same to each other, unless the arrow is draw then it wont be exatly right. it would be probably simliar to getting the line jsut starting at the end and going at an angle.

are these shapes solid or hollow


i find something called correlation method for image processing and i dont know if its useful to search a known shape in an image and catch the hole shape using it. because its my first time to deal with image processing any notes about correlation method can be useful.
i can use the shape i want and not forced for a special shape so i choose the left and right arrows here.

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