Hi there,

Here is a (hopefully) convenient description of my situation:
- I have a main folder, containing several subfolders.
- Every (sub)folder contains one or more .xls - Workbooks.
- Every Workbook contains one or more different Spreadsheets.
- The workbooks contain some cells which have Hyperlink addresses to other, relating workbooks.
- Some cells in wokrbooks contain comments, which must also be exported.

My ultimate aim is to get ALL data, that means cell values, hyperlink addresses in cells, and comments, into corresponding PostgreSQL database table. Principally there are at maximum three different data per cell (value, hyperlink address, comment).

Here is my idea.
Some kind of For - Loop, which looks into all folders and subfolders. Then opens all workbooks one after another. Then looks into every spreadsheet of a workbook. For every spreadsheet, read out cell values, cell hyperlink addresses (if there are any), and cell comments (if there are any).
(Perhaps the win32com - module is helpful?)

Then open a PostgreSQL database connection, and insert the cell values into a corresponding table.
(which should already be created in the database before?)
This table should also contain a column for the possible hyperlink addresses, and possible cell comment strings.

So, this sounds like fun work... any help appreciated.

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