Ok, in a very simplified version ive got to write a C++ app to interface with a joystick and play various sounds depending on its position - Its a USB joystick and I will have a QT GUI.

This app already exists, for Windows/C# . I just need help porting it to C++/Linux.

Specifically, how to do the joystick and sound? Any ideas for libaries?

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A google search on alsa api returns many useful links. I am not familiar with Windows/C# audio model, so I don't know how well it is mapped onto alsa.

Regarding joystick, it is seen by the system as a serial device; you need to open it, query it with some ioctls (JSIOCGAXES and JSIOCGBUTTONS), and then just read struct js_event (see linux/joystick.h for reference).

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Most likely. The code is based on a fairly old kernel, but AFAIK not much has been changed since then.

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