first of all, im sorry if the title is a little misleading

Im creating a private program for myself and some friends, and i want to make a login form, but i was wondering what would be the best way to host the usernames and passwords? I used to use MySQL, but honestly it seemed a little slow, maybe thats just his server ^^, nevertheless what other options do i have? What would be a reliable and fast way to host information that my application should access to login :)

I apologize if this isnt much of a c# question..

Kind Regards

a database is normally used for these sort of things.. MySQL is pretty decent for what you need - could have been slow due to the resources it had available.. but another free option would be Microsoft Access - its like a toy DB but if its just for kicks, it will do the job.

thanks, ill look into it :) should i just upload the access file to my website or how does that work :D?