using System;    
public class UserMainCode  
	//Assume following return types while writing the code for this question.        
	public static int[][] output1 = new int[9][];    
	public static void soduko()
	public static void SolveSudoku(int[,] input1)       
input1=new int[9,9];  
	int i,j;
		//Write code here       

im getting error CS0022 Wrong number of indices inside[]; expected 1

You've declared output1 as a jagged array ([][]) instead of a 2D array ([,]) but in line 16 you are trying to access it as a 2D array. I'd change output1 to a 2D array as you'll have more work to do if you want to use it as a jagged array (you haven't allocated any array space for it in this code snippet).