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Am doing my project in image procesing(text extraction from image)can u anyone send the codings for extract the text from image

"me too" thread hijacker

After searching for 'open source ocr library' on google,I've found this website.
(This took me about 30 seconds...)
Amongst others, there is a nice program written in C++ under GPL.

ps.:Remember, Google is your friend...

>>Some gd example are.

That is a perfect example why we should NOT use leet or chatroom speak. Does gd mean "god dam" or good?

rep toy++

Is there any special website to search the algorithm with source code (if any please send it to me )

Any body plese help me becoz my thesis submission date is near am doing my project work in "text extraction from heterogeneous image using mathematical morphlology "Still date i dont have an any source code or algorithm for extract the text if any "PLEASE HELP".

I dunno, what have you been doing all this time?

> Still date i dont have an any source code or algorithm for extract the text
Well you see, where I come from, a thesis is where YOU do the actual hard work of coming up with something new and unique.

But if your plan was based on "here is a snazzy thesis title, I'll just google (or beg / plead / steal) the answer off the web", then I (and many others) would be quite happy just to watch you fail.

Or as a last resort, just write your phone number on the exam paper
Hey, you got a magic bit of paper saying "pass", but will it mean anyone would want to exchange their money for your time?

Still date i dont have an any source code or algorithm for extract the text if any

Correct me if I am wrong, but the purpose of a thesis paper, in most cases, is to present a novel solution to a problem such as this. Unless your paper is a survey of existing techniques - and I doubt that any thesis advisor would recommend that approach in this field, as it would be obsolete by the time it was reviewed, never mind published - there isn't going to be any off-the-shelf code for your solution, for the simple reason that it didn't exist before.

I am assuming here that "Text Extraction from Heterogeneous Images using Mathematical Morphology" is the general topic of the paper, not the title, and that your paper is meant to add to the work done in the existing paper of that title. Would your thesis advisor would be this Dr. Srikrishna, by any chance? Even without knowing anything about her but her title and name, I doubt that she would assign this subject to you unless she expected you to contribute something new to the existing body of work - and it is a good guess that a department head certainly wouldn't expect a student to plagiarize from her own work so boldly as to steal the very title of one of her own papers.

hello,please tell us the algorithms for extracting text from image consisting of printed text.

Because OCR is just as simple as that...NOT!