i am working on windows 7 platform,please tell me how to install and configure third party packages,to use that package in some other python program


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any package of python ....

Let's start with something simple that will allow you to intall packages from the python package index. I don't use windows 7, but it should work here too

First, you must install setuptools from here http://pypi.python.org/pypi/setuptools#using-setuptools-and-easyinstall . If you have a 32 bits windows simply select and run the .exe installer coresponding to your version of python. If you have a 64 bits windows, download and run the ez_setup.py python script instead as described in the windows section of the installation instructions.

Then we'll try the command easy_install to install a package from pypi. For this,
open a windows cmd tool and type easy_install unidecode . If it works, start a python interpreter and type the statement import unidecode . If this works (no error occurs), it means that you managed installing the 'unidecode' third party module.

Then post again in this thread for more...

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So a demo to the other way to install packages,easy_install is good to have and use.
I use easy_install most of the time.

I use same third party packages unidecode in this test.
I download Unidecode-0.04.1.tar.gz and pack it out,you pack it out to wherever you want.

Then from cmd i naviagte to the unpacked folder.
The wirte python setup.py install
Now unidecode is installed,test it out.

***Python 2.7 (r27:82525, Jul  4 2010, 09:01:59) [MSC v.1500 32 bit (Intel)] on win32. 
>>> import unidecode
>>> dir(unidecode)

>>> unidecode.unidecode(u"\u5317\u4EB0")
'Bei Jing '

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