Please consider a beginner/intermediate question for which searching Google has provided me no results. I am attempting to write a program that compiles a script program into an assembly language module that I will then link to the main C++ program using Visual Studio. How is it possible for a file (i.e. with the extension .script) that is included in the VS project to be interpreted then compiled previous to the compilation of the main C++ program and then linked to the build of that C++ program. What options must be covered in any Visual Studio build action settings and what must I take into consideration for the outside program that interprets and compiles the .script file to be able to interact with the build process. Thanks.

I'm hopeful you don't mind that I asked this question on some other forums as I thought checking a few other places would be appropriate. I'm trying to write a program that reads a file and then produces code for a simple parser. After that I would need to compile and link it to the main C++ program. In other words, I'm attempting to write my own interpretation of what Lex and Yacc do in a more simplified way that I can understand and attempt a very simple compiler. What I'm trying to do is just to gain an insight while reading Compilers by Aho et al. Thanks if you have any suggestions.