Hi everyone

This is my first post here, so sorry if I break the etiquette of the forum.
Anyway I am a founder in a small Danish company producing tools and services that help developers build better games.

Historically we have focused primarily on flash due to the ease of distributing games build using this platform. Even though our back-end infrastructure is build in .NET and people can write their server code in any .NET language we have never approached the C# community to get their feedback.

Well this is about to change.. About a month ago we released http://player.io/ which is a set of cloud services for game developers. The service is still in beta and vital components such as persistence and community integration is still in internal beta. We are however working hard on getting everything in the hand of developers.

Likewise there is no .NET front-end for building the games directly in C# - yet! We have been discussing creating a C# API to allow games build in C# to use our services.

My question to all of you is:

  • Is this even interesting, would this be something you could see the .NET game developers using?
  • If you where to use such a platform what would be the most important feature
  • Got any other feedback?

I will make sure to follow up on this thread, so just post here if you have questions and feedback. If you want it private you can also write to me directly at [email]<<Email Snipped>>[/email]

- Chris Benjaminsen

Just a quick update to note, that we now also provide a .NET client API, so you can create both your clint and server in your favorite C# language.

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