I have a menu that I made, and the first time you select a program prom the menubar and click the launch button it launches the program, however when you select a different program, or to to the menu and reselect the same program then click launch it opens 2 of the programs selected, and if you do that again then 3, and so on. I am wondering what the problem is. Here is my code:

import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class ISU implements ActionListener{

	private JFrame mainFrame;
	JLabel descriptionLabel;
	public JLabel pictureLabel;
	JButton launchApplication;
	JPanel picPane;
	public ISU (){
		mainFrame = new JFrame ("Physics ISU Library");
		JPanel mainPane = new JPanel ();
		JPanel descriptPane = new JPanel ();
		picPane = new JPanel ();
		pictureLabel = new JLabel ();
		JMenuBar menuBar = new JMenuBar ();
		JMenu motionItem = new JMenu ("Motion");
		JMenuItem gravitationalPE = new JMenuItem ("Gravitational Potential Energy"); gravitationalPE.setActionCommand ("GPE"); gravitationalPE.addActionListener (this);
		JMenu forcesItem = new JMenu ("Forces");
		JMenu energyItem = new JMenu ("Energy");
		JMenu soundItem = new JMenu ("Sound");
		JMenuItem transverseWave = new JMenuItem ("Transverse Wave"); transverseWave.setActionCommand("transverseWave");transverseWave.addActionListener(this);
		JMenuItem dopplerEffect = new JMenuItem ("Doppler Effect"); dopplerEffect.setActionCommand("dopplerEffect"); dopplerEffect.addActionListener(this);
		JMenu electricityItem = new JMenu ("Electricity");
		JMenuItem resistorColorCodes = new JMenuItem ("Resistor Codes"); resistorColorCodes.setActionCommand("ResistorCC"); resistorColorCodes.addActionListener(this);
		JMenu magnetismItem = new JMenu ("Magnetism");
		soundItem.add(transverseWave); soundItem.add(dopplerEffect);
		menuBar.add(motionItem); menuBar.add(forcesItem); menuBar.add(energyItem); menuBar.add(soundItem); menuBar.add(electricityItem); menuBar.add(magnetismItem);
		descriptPane.setBackground (Color.yellow);
		descriptionLabel = new JLabel ("This is the program that demonstrates how a blank works.");
		launchApplication = new JButton ("Launch");
		descriptPane.add (launchApplication);
		mainPane.setLayout(new BorderLayout ());
		mainPane.add (descriptPane, BorderLayout.NORTH);
		mainPane.add(picPane, BorderLayout.CENTER);
		mainFrame.add (mainPane);
		mainFrame.setSize (600,500);
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		ISU isu = new ISU ();

	public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		MenuGraphics mg = new MenuGraphics ();
		if ("transverseWave".equals(e.getActionCommand ())){
			String program = e.getActionCommand();
			launchApplication.setActionCommand("launchTransverseWave"); launchApplication.addActionListener(this);
			descriptionLabel.setText("What this experiment is about.");
		else if ("launchTransverseWave".equals(e.getActionCommand())){
			TransverseWaveMethod ();
		else if ("fanCarForces".equals(e.getActionCommand())){
		else if ("ResistorCC".equals(e.getActionCommand ())){
			launchApplication.setActionCommand("Launch ResistorCC");launchApplication.addActionListener(this);
			descriptionLabel.setText ("In this program you can study the resistor colour codes.");
		else if ("Launch ResistorCC".equals(e.getActionCommand())){
			resistorProgram ();
			System.out.println ("If Statement");
		else if ("GPE".equals(e.getActionCommand())){
			descriptionLabel.setText ("<html>In this program you can explore how gravitational potential<br> energy changes as an object is moving.</html>");
		else if ("LGPE".equals(e.getActionCommand())){
			gravitationalPE ();

	private void gravitationalPE() {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		GravitationalPotentialEnergy gpe = new GravitationalPotentialEnergy ();
		System.out.println ("Method accessed");

	private void resistorProgram() {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		ResistorColorCodeProgram rccp = new ResistorColorCodeProgram ();
		System.out.println ("Method accessed");

	public void TransverseWaveMethod() {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		TransverseWaveProgram twp = new TransverseWaveProgram ();

Thanks for the help.

never mind I fixed it

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