Hi guys,

I am creating a window application in vb.net that need to use sql server database. I want to install this application to client machine without installing sql server so that my application can still connect to a database is there any way for this ?

you will just have to change the connection string of you sql server database in you client application.

let's say your server's ip is : then you can do someting like this:

Data Source=\ ;Initial Catalog=myDataBase;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;

check here: for more connection strings

dear sandeepparekh this is the other thing! what i want is to install that application on a client which is not connected to my system or any server. That system is independent is there any way that i can hide my database tables on the client system and install a setup file with sql database in it without installing SQL server.

that would be hard.. you will need sql server to perform sql operations and query on client.. so sql server is a must.

why dont you password protect the sql instance.. that way no one can see the database without password and id..

How to do this give me a view about password protection are you saying the uid n pass which we give in the connection string or anything else ?

yes .. i am talkin about the uid and pass in connection string..

but thats not the problem dear sandeep i will make exe of my Application so that would be ok but i am talking about sql server that will be install in that system so user can easily open sql server and can see my database tables and all how to overcome on that ?

that's wat i am saying.. lets say you have 20 clients and you will be installing sql server on this clients ,right?

so decide on a password, let's say the password is : sajamo.

then install the sql server on this client with sa password - sajamo

now set the uid as sa and pass as sajamo in you application connection string..

and that's set..

for more clarification see this:



oh ok now i got you thanks dear sandeep .