I have an application which updates some files overnight from an oracle server. the application runs fine until at the very end when it closes. Then I get the message "Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

when I click on the link for more information it gives me the error signature of

App Name App Ver ModName syodase.dll
ModVer Offset 00023008

It wouldn't be a problem but it's interfering with other automation tasks I need to run. Has anyone seen this before?

The application was developed using visual studio 2008 with the 3.5 framework. My version of oracle is The error itself doesn't appear until after it looks like the application has closed. I've tried closing the application using


both wind up producing this error.

What else should I provide to assist you in helping me?

Sure enough, I didn't have any dispose statements after I was finished using the oracle connection. Ugh, thank God this week is almost over :)

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