I have a form in VB.Net (2008) that includes a Data Grid (DataGrid1) and an ADO Data Control 6.0 (ADODC1), which were inherited from VB6 in a VB6 to VB.Net upgrade. The application in VB6 ran perfectly; and my VB.Net version also runs perfectly, but not without first generating some errors.

When I attempt, at design time, to bind my Data Grid to the Data Control, I get the error: "Command Text was not set for the command Object". I also get the same error when I execute the line of code below, which is found in the file <formname>.designer.vb. I have also been getting the error "Data Source name not found and no default driver specified", although I can't, at the moment, get that error to repeat itself, so I can't tell you, exactly, what conditions precipitate that error message.

Your help in helping me figure this out is greatly appreciated. Thanks, ~Peter Ferber

Public Sub VB6_AddADODataBinding()
        On Error GoTo Err
        DataGrid1.DataSource = CType(Adodc1, msdatasrc.DataSource)

        Exit Sub

        Select Case Err.Number
            Case Else
                Call MyUniversalClass.PrintError(Err, "VB6_AddADODataBinding")
                Resume Sub_Exit
        End Select
    End Sub

Dear Peter,

I have the same Problem.
Did you find a solution.

Horst Brand

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