Hi,can you help me please i apologize if i post here.I don't know if i get the right forum to post....

Here is my problem in the IBM DB2 i created the database and i have 4 tables,but the problem is i forgot where did i make the foreign key..,can you help me please how can i determine the foreign key and also the primary key.is this possible?...

Thank you in advance and I'm hoping for your positive response.

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You should be able to find this information from the system catalog. Its years since I did anything like this but all information about a RDBMS is found within the databse. Here is a thread which discusses it which may help.


Need to note though that the various DB2 platforms are not 100% compatible with each other, so something that works on mainframe DB2 may not work precisely the same on eg the Wiindows version.

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