is there any difference between servlet and HTTP server.
I want to develop client server model (two tier) please help. how to do it?

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for a SERVER -> you have (for instance) tomcat, jBoss, resin, ...
SERVLETS are java objects which (usually) extend HttpServlet, which you write yourself.

now, how extended is your knowledge of overall java development? if you have some what a base to start on, I'm sure you'll find enough resources online to help you on your way.

do remember, if you want to use servlets, make sure you're also aware of the deployment descriptor (web.xml) you'll have to use, and how to link to your servlet.

thanks for your reply. I am able to make a simple servlet wing eclipse and tomcat and it works very well.
now i want to to make a basic client server model. i know about socket client and server. now i want to know about how a servlet can respond to client.

define 'respond to client'?
do you mean you want it to use information you pass on from a webpage, and send it to another page?

Actually the client has to pass some information and that information will update in server database. How to do this.

define what you mean by 'client'. how to update a database, well, this is not specifically to servlets, so ..

make sure you make the right jdbc connections, and use the right sql expressions with the right parameters to make the necessary updates.

I have made jdbc connection and it is working with socket server.
Actually i want to develop multi tier system in which each computer can send and receive information or exchange information. I am unable to understand how can i do this?? Please help

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