I am a student needing help with my assignment.
My assignment is a loan calculator that takes in a customer’s details such as name, address, occupation and the amount they wish to borrow.

My assignment says the base interest rate is 9.7%, however: if the amount a customer enters into the program exceeds £10,000, than subtract 2.0% from the interest rate which means the new, base interest rate which is to be added to the amount the customer wishes to borrow is now 7.7%,

I have attached a zip file which holds a
1. Loan.java class
2. Main.java class
3. GUI.java class


I can only get the program to show values as a whole for example
£100 + 0.97% = £109

I would like my program to print out to decimal point? Like below.
£100 + 0.97% = £109.70

How can i do this??
Can anyone help me please

*** i only just noticed that in my Loan class i have "if (LA <=1000 )" where i should have "if (LA <=10000 )" that will need to be changed when you download the zip file,, thanks

Please post your code (in code tags) when you have questions instead of expecting people to download and extract a zip file.

Why did you not continue your existing thread for this?

Spreading a single question over multiple threads just creates confusion and duplication for those who might offer assistance. Please keep to one thread per issue. Closing the other one.

I see that the OP is still confused about %

£100 + 0.97% = £109

1% of 100 is 1
.97% of 100 is .97