Hey yall. Trying to teach myself C++ using the book "Programming and Problem Solving With C++" (5th ed.) by: Nell Dale and Chip Weems... and it's no cake walk. I have a new found respect for programmers and programming in general. Anyway, if any of yall can help me figure out the coding for this, I'd be in your debt.

p. 237
5.) Use functional decomposition to write a C++ program that takes a number in the range of 1 to 365 as input. The number represents the day of the year. The program then outputs the name of the month (assume the year is not a leap year). You can do this by comparing the day of the year to the number of days in the year that precede the start of each month. For example, 59 days precede March, which has 31 days. So, if the day of the year is in the range of 60-90, then your program would output March. The program should output an error message if the number entered is not in the required range. The prompt and the error message should make it clear to the user how the number must be entered.

Thanx Yall,

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I see you didn't read our rules or the stickies. Specifically, we don't give homework help without some evidence that you've made an honest attempt to do it yourself.

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