Hello, i'm here to ask you for some help, i have done several applications/games in different programing languages, most of them without planification. For example,i wrote a five-in-a-row game in C++ with A.I (simple heuristic functions) without making sketchs or things like that, i started programing just to see what i've got.

Right now i'll start a new project (a simple one, a game on java) and i want to start writing quality code, i know that this need some planification, so do you have some advices about this?

1- Which is the right way to make a sketch? i dont know how to do it
2- Which articles or texts do you recommend for this?
3- What are the steps you use to set-up and develop a project?

I hope you can help me.

For OO design there were many attempts at a standard, but eventually they all converged into one called "Unified Modelling Language" or UML. That's the only game in town now. Despite its name it's all about diagrams, not text.
Google for more info

to write quality code: if you're familiar with the OO concepts and the java syntaxis,
make an analysis of what you want to make. as JamesCherrill suggested, UML would be thé way to go.

once you have this, you should be able to get a clear view of what and how to write your program.

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