hi friends...
i am doing my project and the title is "IMPROVEMENT OF ABC ALGORITHM FOR CLUSTERING".... I am not getting how to start the coding... can any one please help me out how to start the coding... thanks in advance

So did you choose this project, or were you given it?

If you chose it, why?, when you don't seem to know anything about it.
Or for that matter, be able to do a google search.

For one thing, you need to know how other people typically solve the problem before you can start on an "IMPROVEMENT".

this topic was given by my professor... i read the research paper and the concept is pretty good... moreover it is not improvement we need to implement the clustering using ABC which improves the clustering technique... i just want to know how to start how to initialize my program........

Your post makes no sense.

The implementation will run to many 1000's of lines of code in all probability, and it will be quite detailed (ie algorithmic) code, and many 1000's of lines of code if you intend to draw lots of pretty graphical animations of the results.

You make it sound like you've only just got past writing "hello world" programs.

One thing is pretty certain, you're not going to get it done simply by hacking code direct from your keyboard. You'll need some kind of design and plan for the work ahead.

Oh, and keep your professor informed on what it is you're doing, just in case you're heading off in completely the wrong direction.

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