I just want to ask if it is possible to take a focus by a camera then generate it into text because I am planning to propose a thesis topic which is Subdivision Entry Pass wherein the security camera in the gate will focus the camera on the plate number of the car then it has to track the record in the database if it is registered by the resident. Is it possible?

I have already proposed five topics but none was accepted. Could you please suggest other topics that can be developed using vb.net/ asp.net instead..system or web-based would do. I'm having hard time thinking of new idea again.

Thanks for reading!

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one thing is that tomorrow will be the deadline for new thesis topics that's why I have thought of asking help here..


So you propose OCR with a database connection? How is this going to be original? I've seen this at least in 12 different parkings, with the license plate being printed on the ticket and then being verified from the ticket when exiting. (Aha, so you plan to use the specs from the parking gate control system as your thesis? )


Actually, our adviser told us that already and she said she'll approve it if we can do something unique..that's if we will be using camera then focus directly on the plate number then track it in the database if it's existing..meaning no need to use ticket anymore..but I don't know how to do that or if it is possible


It sure is possible. The ticket is not just not paper, it gets saved to a db as well. Good luck finding a way for somebody to pay for the parking without the ticket.

Google OCR .Net and good luck.

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