Hi Folks,

I have a simple app (coded in VB 2008 Express Edition) that uses an SQL Server database (in .mdf format) that works fine on my own machine. I created the database in SQL Server on this machine. I added the DB as a data source and it works fine. But when packaged this app (ClickOnce) and installed this app on a different machine the installer tries to download MS SQL Server Express. Obviously this is because SQL Server is a prerequisite and is not installed on the other machine. But just as obvious is the fact that the download will take a long time to complete before my code even starts installing.

My question is this: Is there an SQL Server reference (using Add Reference...) that I can add to avoid this? I suspect the application just needs one or two DLL files from SQL Server. Downloading the whole product seems like overkill. Is there a way I can included the needed files in my app to avoid this long download process?

If there is a way to do this does anyone know what files or references I need to add? I've been doing a lot of searches on Google, etc... looking for a way to avoid this download and haven't found anything (so far!)

Many Thanks for any suggestions!


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