I cannot find an article for the life of me that explains what I want to do, which seems so simple to me.

We have an SSIS package we use to run some processes against our SQL server 2008. Each time we run it, we need to edit some of the SQL to change codes for various things.

I would think I could write a VB.net data entry screen that would allow the user to choose the file he wants to process, enter the couple of codes he needs, and VB.net would hand those values to the defined variables inside SSIS. Or, use the script tool in SSIS in VB mode to pop up a data entry screen (maybe pre written in VB and copy pasted) that would do the same thing?

I cannot find any articled or forum posts discussing how this can be done. Can it?, if so, do you have a reference?

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If you need to run some code on the SQL Server, that needs to be dynamic. Why not use Stored Procedures.
As you probably know, they can take arguments and perform different tasks.
And thus, create a SP with some common code and perform some action based on what the arguments are.

Well, these are jobs that run 3 to 6 times a day. Each with a combination of input files that need to be imported, and/or data sets that need to be pulled off the server and manipulated. In addition, they each use different codes. I would like this to be interactive so that someone with limited SQL knowledge can run them, and someone with a greater knowlege base to support them as need be.

If you can make Stored Procedures interactive - taking input from a user at run time - I'd like to know how as I didn't think it could.

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