I want to make a small logo in the upper corner of a Form rotate.

I've seen on some forums that they have small avatars dancing and such, so I imagine it would be posible to make a tiny image rotate by it self up in the corner in a Form.

Does anyone know how to do this?
Link to tutorial, codesnippets etc..

Ps. The goal is to make it smooth. Not turn 4 x 90 degrees.

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The image is the top left is a .ico file (icon) so you need to look online and find a tool for converting animated GIFs to animated ICOs.
I found one site but haven't tested it

They have an animated favicon though so I would expect it should work:)

In the second link it is done using Flash, you will never get a flash file playing in the top left icon of a .net form.
Unless I missed the point you want to have a moving image in the top left of your .net form correct? You need to use an animated ico.
If you are after some other effect please explain in greater detail.

Have you tried using a tiny .GIF file .

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Where are you wanting this logo? Is it supposed to be the icon of the form? You mentioned 1.5 x 1 inch. The icon is going to be 16x16 pixels. Are you talking about on the form in the client portion like x = 0 y = 0? Are you talking about a windows form?

Specify if this is supposed to be the icon of the form or just an image on the form itself.

Making an image rotate smoothly by itself on a windows application is not very difficult.

if you want to rotate an image, you minght as well use an image progrmme to help you . here is what i have been using for a l ong time, hope it can help you.

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